Blogging is not as easy as it seems

So I claimed I would blog all summer, but that clearly didn’t work out. But I think blogging will be a good source of discipline for me. I’ve now decided that it’s a challenge I want to overcome. Also, as a communication, it’s an important skill to have. And if not now – when. That said, for me first few posts, I’m going to cheat a little and just go back over my summer. In my Wolof class, we had to write journals about our day. Which meant I did keep a log of my activities – but in Wolof. Seeing as this blog is titled adventures in Wolof, it seems entirely appropriate that I post my Wolof musings here with some pictures. And then a translation for all you non-Wolof speakers. And even the Wolof speakers. As I have learned, those who speak Wolof don’t necessarily read and write it. Also, I noticed in just my first day of Wolof class here in Dakar, those who write it don’t all write it the same way. 

So join me as I share my activities over the past two months! Ayca!

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