St. Augustine is beautiful! (June 22nd)



St. Augustine rafet na!


Benn samedi, Erin, Sarah, Scott ak man doxoon nanu lool. Dem nanu ci “eglise” ak ca biir butig bu bare. Scott ak Sarah jëndoon nañu mbaxane yi. Nun, lekk nanu añ ci Kafé Maya. Ñam safoon na. Ci gannaaw, doxaatoon nanu. Gisoon nanu Flager College. Ci ñaarteeli ekol, bëggoon na dem ci Flager College. Gisoon nanu magetu kër, itam. Tawoon na waaye tuuti rekk. Danu dem ci Fort bu mag. Man, jëndoon naa jaaro-nopp. Bés bi neexoon na.

IMG_2066 IMG_2112


One Saturday, Erin, Sarah, Scott an I walked a lot. We went in a church and inside many stores. Scott and Sarah bought hats. We ate lunch in Kafé Maya. It was delicious. (I had a shrimp taco.) After, we walked again. We saw Flager College. In secondary school, I wanted to go to Flager College. We saw old house also. It rained, but only a little. We went to a big fort. I bought earrings. The day was good.


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