We can cook yaasa ganaar. (June 29th)

Noo mëna togg yaasa ganaar. 

Beneen Samedi, demoon nanu ci këru waajuru Chiekh. Kër gi rafet na lool! Waakeru Baye, Waakeru Chiekh ak Waakeru Dr. Kane ñówoon nañu itam. Toggoon nanu yaasa ganaar ak ndimbalu Isse. Isse mooy jabaru Dr. Kane. Ci biti, Baye ak Ben defoon nañu ganaar ak Scott tëggoon guitar. Yaasa ganaar bi neex na lool. Ci gannaaw, Baye xiimoon te naan nanu attaaya. Ci mujj, goor yi raxasoon nañu waañ wi. Alxamdulila!

IMG_2132 IMG_2158

Another Saturday, we went to the house of Chiekh’s parents. The house is very beautiful! Baye’s family, Chiekh’s family, and Dr. Kane’s family came also. We cooked yaasa ganaar with help from Isse. Isse is the wife of Dr. Kane.  Outside, Baye and Ban made chicken and Scott played the guitar. The yaasa ganaar was delicious. After, Baye made tea and we drank attaaya. In the end, the men cleaned the kitchen. Alxamdulila!!


Yaasa ganaar is a Senegalese dish. The sauce is the main part but you eat it with rice (ceeb). The sauce is made with lots of onions, chicken (ganaar) and mustard and an assortment of spices. 

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