It doesn’t taste like Soupe Kanje, but it’s delicious. (July 20th)

Saful soupu kanje, waaye neex na lool.*

Sunu naarteeli jot ci këru waajuru Chiekh, toggoon nanu soupe kanje. Waakëru Chiekh ak waakëru Dr. Kane ñówuñuwoon waaye defoon nanu lekk bu bare. Jëloon nanu foto bu bare ak sunuy kanamu Senegale. Ci gannaaw, naanoon nanu attaaya! Beggoon naa attaaya!!

IMG_2362 IMG_2364


Our second time at the house of Chiekh’s parents, we cooked coupe kanje. Chiekh’s family and Dr. Kane’s family did not come but we made a lot of food. We took a lot of photos without Senegalese faces. (There’s this funny idea that Senegalese people don’t smile in photos). Afrer, we had attaaya! I like attaaya!

*This is what Baye’s wife said about our attempt to make Soupe Kanje. I’ve yet to have it here.


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