On the weather and my health

Most of the days I’ve been here, the weather has been beautiful. There was one day where it rained the entire day. Honestly, it was like a monsoon. I wanted to take a picture of the street and have a caption that read “Nothing clears the streets of Dakar like a rainstorm,” but then I just wanted to hurry and get home. The nights are beautiful and whenever I say so, the person I’m talking to either says “o.k” or “why do you say that,” and I have some trouble explaining. I’m not really sure, it’s just so warm and breezy and it’s really easy to just sit outside or take a walk at night. The night is clear and you see the stars, it’s wonderful.

We’ve had a few days that were unimaginable hot and muggy and you could feel the heat permeating throughout your body (it might explain some of the lethargy here, as the gathering place in front of my house is well shaded and quite breezy). In fact,– maybe Tuesday night or Wednesday night – I noticed my ankles were swollen. It freaked me out. Not to sound conceited, but I really like the size of my ankles, so to see them at that size was – a shock! I thought, “oh shoot! Maybe I’m already gaining weight from all the rice and bread.” Luckily the wifi was working that night, and I looked it up. Your feet swell in heat and if you have been sitting for a long time – like on an airplane. It’s suggested that you just massage your ankles and then elevate them, so you know I slept with my ankle propped up that night. Now they are back to their usual size and all is right with the world.

Another thing is that I don’t usually get bitten and right now my feet and ankles look like a game of connect the dots – but at least they aren’t swollen, so life goes on.

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