The Power of Positive Thinking

In order to truly appreciate this post, you have to first read the previous one, entitled “My First Bad Day.” This post is written about 4 hours after the previous one. So basically, here’s what’s happened in those 4 hours.

After making up my mind to be positive and finishing the last sentence, I opened my door and started unpacking my first suitcase. Soon my host mom came to introduce me to a girl who had lived here in 2012. She’s American and had been on the CIEE program. Now graduated, she was vacationing in Senegal and headed to France to teach English for a year. She told me I would love it in the house and the family was very nice and that she would come back for dinner tomorrow. You don’t come visit your host family unless they were awesome!

She said her goodbyes and went on her way. My host mom then walked off and came back with a fan for my room!! Alxamdulilah (Praise to God). I kept unpacking and my host sister, who is 35, and her two sons came home. They are 12 and 10. (I know all of this from CIEE’s information, not from asking). All three were very sweet and the boys seem like they are funny. One brought me a jug of water (as required by the program) and then later came back to chat with me in my room for about 5 minutes. My host sister told me to come on upstairs once I was done unpacking. Upstairs, I think I met my host dad and then the boys were watching a soccer game on T.V. I then went on to win major cred from my brothers because I was able to crack my neck, knuckles and other random bones! We then ate spaghetti and onion sauce for dinner. We each got a plum for dessert! Then we watched more T.V. and talked on and off. When my eyes got heavy, I excused myself for bed.

So there you have it. My new host stay is definitely different from my other one. But sometimes difference is good. It allows you to see other parts of the society. I’m sure I’ll like it here!

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