Foto Friday

So this is something I’ve been trying to start for a while, but for some reason, internet usually eludes me on Fridays.

The other things is that I’m not positive which form Foto Fridays should take, so some suggestions and feedback would be much appreciated. Here’s what I’ve got:

Type 1 (This one): One large photo of something awesome I did that week or since the last time I posted and I talk about it.

Type 2: A handful of my favorite photos since the last time I posted and no words (Maybe a short caption of what/where the photo is from).


This photo was taken at Toubab Dialaw – a small town a few hours from Dakar. Our school took us there for a weekend excursion and we stayed at a resort like hotel called Sabo Bade. Sunday morning, I woke up quiet early – around 7 (although I’m still not sure why, since I stayed up dancing till 3). The sun had only recently risen and everything was peaceful. It was at that moment, as I looked over the vast ocean, the breeze blowing around me and the sun glistening off some rocks in the distance, that I realized I was having a really good time in Senegal. Everything was coasting, I was making friends and knew my way around – for the most part – and my French wasn’t entirely failing me. But mostly, I just soaked up the moment. I was at peace with my surroundings, I had no immediate worries. I breathed in the fresh morning air. I snapped a few photos. Did some yoga poses. Walked over to a gazebo that over looked a beach where I snapped this photo. I sat on the ledge of the gazebo and journaled to the symphony of the waves crashing below me.  I’d say it was a pretty great morning.

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2 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. =) One photo and why sounds good!

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