Senegal Top 10

My Top 5 Favorite Things about Senegal!!

  1. The food – literally could eat ceebu-jen for the rest of my life!
  2. Cool breezy evenings – the only escape from the heat
  3. Watching boys dance mbalaxx – This type of music, I honestly cannot find the beat! But it gets everyone here soooo excited!! Plus, (this is a BROAD generalization) the boys here are quite good looking…until they say something and you kind of want to hit them. So watching them preoccupied with mbalaxx is awesome! =)
  4. Being able to walk most places, and if not, take transportation for pretty cheap.
  5. Beautifully dressed people!


My 5 Least Favorite Things about Senegal!

  1. Flies – they’re EVERYWHERE!!
  2. Rainy days – I literally swim to class. I have to walk across streets where the water comes almost to my knees!!
  3. When people say “pst” to get my attention! – “That’s not my name!”
  4. People who laugh in a non-friendly way when you’re trying to speak Wolof…I don’t laugh at people trying to speak English!
  5. A toss-up between the heat, the car exhaust, dodging poop and the gender roles that leave sexism unacknowledged.
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